Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Swede Sucsess......

I know most people all year have been banging on about how bad this year has been for growing veg and how they can’t wait for next year to come, but I just want to tell you about my poor showing this year of my celeriac & swedes.

Last year was a great year for my celeriac all 12 of them produced a good root  but this year it was all foliage and when I dug up the root it was a tangled mess of small twisted roots .

My swedes had got off to a good start and started to produce a nice swollen root but the wet weather all summer just made most of the rot off, but one just one little swede managed to combat the awful summer. I didn’t even notice it at first as I was clearing out the bed pulling up all the celeriac and the fennel that had bolted and gone to seed but to my surprise I saw it sitting there looking ready to be dug up.

It’s my first ever swede grown, I am very proud of it, I did the honourable thing and gave it to my mother she simply adores swede and thought she was the best judge on the eating of it and she told me it’s the best she has had, so hopefully next year I can grow them again and this time like my onions this year will protect them from too much rain if we get it.