2012 seed list

my list of seeds for 2012

Aubergine Black Bueaty
Aubergine Early Long Purple 3
Beetroot Boltardy
Beetroot Golden Detroit
(A) Borlotti Bean Dwalf Splendido
Broad Bean Masterpeice Green Longpod
Brussle Sprouts Mezzo Nano
Cabbage Offenham 2
Cabbage Di Verona
Cabbage Golden Acre
Carrot Autumn King 2
Carrot Saint Valery
Carrot Nates 2
Cauliflower All Year Round
Celeriac Giant Prague
(A) Courgette Black  Beauty 
Courgette Gold Rush F1
Fennel Florance Finale
(A) French Bean (dwalf) Delinel
(A) French Bean  ?? Allotment
French Bean Georges
French Bean Blue Lake
Herb Basil
Herb Basil Greek
Herb Corriander
Herb Dill
Herb Chives
Herb Oregarno
Herb Parsley
Leek Carentan 2
Leek Lyon 2 Prizetaker
Lettuce Cos Paris Island
Lettuce lambs
Lettuce Gourment Mix
Lettuce Rocket
onion set Red Baron
onion set Strattgarter Giant
Parsnip Tender & True
Parsnip Countess F1
Parsnip Gladiator
Parsnip White Gem
Pea Kelvedon Wonder
Pea Mausanne De Carouby (purple Pea)
Pea Lincon
Potato Maxine MC
Potato Majestic MC
Potato Winston FE
Potato Ulster Classic FE
Potato British Queen SE
Potato Ryecroft Purple MC
Potato Dr Macintosh 
Potato Doon Pearl SE
Potato Sante Mc
Potato Lady Balfour Mc
(A) Pumkin Halloween 
Purple Sprouting Broccoli Rouldolf Early
(A) Runner Bean Goliath 
Raddish Poloneza
Squash butternut Sprinter F1
Squash  Pokmarron
Squash  Crown Prince
Swede Invitation
Sweetcorn Super Sweet
Sweetcorn Lark F1
Sweetcorn mini Mini Pop
Swiss Chard Rainbow Mix
Tomato Yellow Pear (cherry bell)
Tomato Alicante
Tomato Gardeners Delight
Tomato San Mizano 3


  1. I'm glad we're not the only ones with a mammoth seed list. I find excel really good for keeping track of our harvests too.