Monday, 18 March 2013

The Great British Weather!

Well what weather it was down the plot today, started off foggy and quite coldIMG_0919 then by 10am I was walking about the plot with a T-shirt on it was according to the thermometer at the plot 13°C then by 12pm there was hail stones and I had my jumper and hat back on!

Go quite a bit done today, I weeded over 3 beds and used my compost to put over the top of the beds I have 9 Raised beds all around 3m x 4m and I put 4 wheel barrow s full of my homemade compost on each of them. And then I covered them over. I do however have a raised bed that is total water logged and has been since October of last year, I don’t really know what to do with it and by the looks of it I don’t think I can use it this year as it needs to dry out totally before I try to grow anything in it, it’s because my allotment is on a slight hill and I am the bottom plot the bed has always been a bit of an issue but the rain last year made thing worse… much worse!IMG_0917

In the next week or so I should have more Purple sprouting broccoli just need a bit of warm weather give it a final push to fully open so I can pick it.

My potatoes that I have chitting on the bedroom windows are coming along nicely and I am thinking of putting them in the green house soon.

I managed to get round to sowing some leeks yesterday also I am not going to over the top with them this year as last year I had quite a lot all ready to be planted out then they got hit with some fungal disease and wipe the whole crop out!


  1. In Poland there is a stereotype saying that British weather is mostly thick fogg and rain :) When I was a child I thought it was true, but then as an adult I realised that it was only a stereotype :)

  2. why don't you try growing water cress in there? as long as we keep having all this rain you should be ok!!!

    1. Very tempting! There is a plot holder that grows rice on our allotment maybe I could turn it into a rice bed!

  3. Nature has a way of sorting things out...for some