Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Morning Treat.

A rare Sunday morning off so the weather was good so down the plot I went, I was dreading it a bit as I have been reading a lot of other blogs and everyone saying how the weather has made the weeds go wild, last year I really struggled to keep them at bay so over the winter I constructed raised beds and barked the main paths, to my surprise the only area that had gone mad was the dreaded path I mentioned a few posts ago I got a spade on them and just chopped them down for the time being until I can spend a bit more time tackling it. i gave the onions and Garlic a quick hoe just to keep them down.

I wanted to do some planting today so I put the first of the peas in with some twigs from my eucalyptus tree I cut down a few weeks ago, the soil in this bed is the best on the plot lots of organic material and some hard digging in the autumn really did pay dividends I plan to do 2 a year to get them all in top shape.
I also got another herb pot planted up with some flat parsley oregano and chives all grown from seed this year.
I used the time to contemplate a few big decisions I need to make this week and nothing better than a few hours down the allotment to clear my head.
The blossom on the pear tree is all out now and I hope to get a good harvest from it this year