Tuesday, 17 April 2012

theres only one thing to do with weather like this...shed time.

Well the rain has finally arrived it’s great for the garden and the allotment but means things at the plot have slowed up a little.
Days like today are made for the shed, there is something quite tranquil about a morning in the shed when it’s lashing it down outside.
The rain pounding on the roof, talk-sport radio on in the back ground and a mug of hot coffee siting on the side. Not a care in the world….
I pricked out more tomatoes today, I use to really struggle when it came to pricking out  I always handled the seedling to rough but with a little practice over the years now I have got it down to a tee. I also pricked out my celeriac Giant Prague the seedlings are by far the smallest I have ever handled its amazing to think that something so small will produce something so big.
The peppers sown in late February are really coming on now and I am hoping for a good crop this year as last year promised so much but delivered little.   
The house is becoming very full with plants that are to tender to have outside. My greenhouse is full and the cold frame is bursting at the seams I have even had to create a make shift table in the shed with some seeds on it to offer a bit of protection from the cold.
The aubergines that I sowed back in January are now looking really healthy and are ready to be put in their final positions but I want to wait on these until mid may when the threat of frost has passed. They look like they are going to give me a really good crop this year.
I am holding off sowing the French beans as the coming week doesn’t look great weather wise and don’t want to risk losing them to the cold, I am looking forward to my French bean crop this year I have 6 different variety’s to try my 2 young daughters adore French beans and even grow them on their allotment patch with a little help from daddy.
I also sowed some more peas this week with a little help from the youngest daughter she loves helping daddy with seed sowing. She likes to pop the seed in and push them down, she even wrote the label but at 3 years old only she knew what it actually said!