Monday, 28 May 2012

What on Earth........

What another wonderful day, morning off work my 2 girls at school so off the allotment I go. Time to get the sweetcorn in the ground, a spot of light weeding first to make the bed ready for planting and In they went, learning from last year when I planted out sweetcorn I made sure they were a little deeper planted to give them more stability when growing. I am growing mini corn and normal sweetcorn both were a big success last year and can’t wait to eat them again this year.

All my regular readers will know I am trailing loads of old heritage potatoes this year so today was the final earthing up of them. I thought I would use a technique I haven’t tried before using hay instead of earth to cover my potatoes I have read that it works really well and will also help to improve my soil for next year as I can dig it in once the potatoes are removed.

I was quite lucky that the council cut the grass around the allotments about 4 days ago and left the cuttings spread all over the place they had since tuned to hay so off I went with rake and wheelbarrow to collect to use for my potatoes.

I was a little concerned that once there was a little wind the hay would blow everywhere so just to make sure I added a small amount of earth to the tops to stop it all blowing away. I know it doesn’t look the most attractive in the world but the proof will be in the potatoes at the end.