Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Squashes, Wigwams & Raspberries

WOW. What a difference a week makes, this time last week it was chucking it down with temperatures of 10°C this week it’s in the high 20’s and with a prolonged spell too, so I made the most of it and planted out the squashes and courgettes, this year I am growing 3 types of squashes (check out my planting plan for the variety’s) the butternut squash I am going to have a go of growing it up a wigwam I am using the large branches from my eucalyptus I felled back in march. They look pretty good I think.

I am not going mad on courgettes this year only planting 4 plants 2 yellow and 2 green, last year I planted 10 plants and well to say I had a glut would be an under estimation I could have kept the whole of Essex supplied with them!

I have now moved the last of the veggies stored in the house out into the cold frames to harden off in readiness for a mass planting session next week.

Highlight of the week on the plot is by far the raspberry’s they are looking really healthy =, better start thinking about covering them up before the birds get hold of them.

It’s amazing what a few days of sun can do  to a plant the growth put on in just 2 days is staggering.

We’ll have a good week folks and make use of this fine weather.