Thursday, 15 March 2012

On your marks get SET grow!

Well readers I have had a very busy week, my time mainly split between the allotment and work, I made the stupid mistake on Monday of doing 7 hours down the plot then going to work to do a 9 hour shift I was absolutely cream crackered at the end of it! It wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t done 3 hours of hardcore digging. The beds needed turning and I don’t have the luxury of a Rotivator and can’t justify the cost of hiring one, no one on the plot wants to go half’s on the cost and share it. So today I didn’t make the same mistake! I used my time to do a few little jobs as I am working tonight.

I finally got round to changing the wire on my raspberries and loganberries to something more child and Rabbit proof, I did have up a very thin wire that could easily be snapped it now had a strong sturdy wire to hopefully last a few years.
 Today saw the first thing planted on the plot for the 2012 growing season I planted out some onion sets, I have given up on the onion seeds tried 3 times and all 3 times ended in failure so its sets this year (I will try again next year) I have got my red onion and more Strattgarter Giant onion sets growing in modules in the green house as well I want to see which gives better yield or if it’s worth potting into modules. The onions in the modules are growing well so hopefully have a good harvest.

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