Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The GreenHouse affect.......

Thought I would give you a update on my greenhouse activity’s thus far for 2012, I am growing 5 different varieties of tomato this year, yes yes I know I said I was only going to grow 3 but when confronted with a stall selling seeds for 25p who can resist right?
the early sowing of gardeners delight I sowed in February to try to achieve an early crop has flat out failed probably down to this fluctuating weather were having (there’s always next year)
But 4 of the 5 varieties have developed flowers so hopefully a few weeks from now I will be eating the first tomato of the season.

The 5 varieties that I am growing are:
·         Gardeners delight (cherry)
·         Golden Pear (pear shaped yellow cherry)
·         Alice Craig (normal)
·         San Mirzano 3 (plum)
·         Alicante (normal)

The anticipation of the first tomato of the year only builds once they have set and start to fatten and ripen and there truly is nothing like the first tomato picked from the vine, the warmth when you pop it into your mouth then then it bursts like a firework of flavour……Mmmmmmm.

I am also growing sweet peppers and aubergines too, the aubergines are coming along nicely but we need more sun please! The peppers have started to set some fruit so I have given them a feed today. Hopefully the peppers will be as good as last year. So over all the greenhouse is looking healthy and hopefully won’t be long before some things are ready to pick..

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