Monday, 25 June 2012

My First Garlic Havest

this year I had real high hopes for my garlic I had grown it before but only on a small scale and didn’t really know what I was doing and the outcome were small bulbs of not really a lot! But I am a little wiser now and did my research last year so I was prepared from the start. My regular readers will know that I got my garlic going in November in a well prepared bed of compost and fertilizer, and it really came on well throughout the winter months I did worry a little when we had the snow in February, but if anything this made it stronger.

But a few weeks ago because of all this wet weather and low temperatures my garlic started to develop rust only in small patches at first but then soon engulfed the whole crop (see last week’s blog post) so I asked about to my fellow bloggers and most told me to lift it to prevent further damage.

Today was the day like I said at the beginning I had put a lot of hope into this crop this year as I do love garlic. The results were great, all the bulbs had formed cloves and most of them were fat and juicy. Once I peeled of a few layers of the damaged foliage I discovered they were still very healthy underneath so I do hope they store well. I have found a grand spot in the garage at home and hope they dry off well.

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